Transport Test Solutions

Get your smart ticketing program on the right track! 

If your fare collection infrastructure needs an upgrade or you need to install a new system to accommodate e-ticketing, testing is vital: you significantly

  • reduce the risks
  • speed up your time-to-market
  • lower the costs of your implementations and
  • ensure interoperability of all components within the chain.

In close collaboration with you, we provide you the essential end-to-end test solutions for both closed-loop multi-vendor environments (Calypso, ITSO,...) or open schemes: defining the best test approach, acceptance testing of cards and devices (e.g. gates, ticket validators, self-service kiosks) so these comply to the SLA's agreed with vendors, self-certification, back-office (change) testing,...we can even write or modify the specifications of your Front and Back Office System or monitor your system post-launch.

Clear2Pay is a payments industry pioneer and involved in "new" technologies such as NFC and international standards such as EMV and ISO14443. Together, we enable interoperable ticketing systems offering a reliable and value-added experience to your travelers.

Test Solutions

Building on 25+ years of testing expertise, Clear2Pay supports you with test solutions that give you the competitive edge to provide interoperable and reliable ticketing solutions.

  • Automated, End-to-End Test Solutions for:
    • Cards
    • POS devices
    • Mobile Devices, Handsets
    • Self-Service Kiosks
    • Mobile Payment Applications
    • Back-end infrastructures
    • AFC Systems
  • Depending on your specific requirements or standards, we develop solutions that really fit your needs
  • Simulation of every component of your transit ecosystem enables you an ever-available and flexible test environment.

Test Services

Clear2Pay supports you with knowledge built on expertise gathered during several transport projects writing specifications, providing testing solutions, certification services and business rules. We provide you end-to-end support in a multi-vendor environment or an open scheme.

  • Consultancy: from definition to implementation of your AFC System
  • Definition, implementation and maintenance of the test specifications for your system
  • Seamless migration to contactless and mobile technology (EMV, NFC,...)
  • Prototyping: identify in advance all changes that would result from a modification or migration to new systems or technologies thus avoiding a complicated step-by-step deployment process which will inevitably push deadlines
  • Managed Certifications
  • Certification Laboratory: we can set-up and operate a test and certification laboratory where third-party systems such as (contactless) cards, NFC-enabled mobile devices or POS devices can be tested against your reference specifications or international standards. Such a Certification Laboratory is customized to fit your exact transportation payment system and is maintained by our vendor agnostic specialists.

It’s the combination of technology and test professionals that provide a magnifying glass into your system, you can rely on Clear2Pay to ensure that your system is running to your exact requirements.

Some references include:


Clear2Pay Testing ITSO

ITSO is a non-profit organisation which acts both as a certification body and the ‘guardian’ of the UK national standard for smart ticketing (also called ITSO).

Clear2Pay housed the ITSO laboratory from 2003 until 2012 to certify the ITSO vendor community to test the components against their specifications:

  • Contactless smart cards
  • Card reading devices such as POS Devices, Handheld Terminals or Entry Gates
  • Back-office Applications for Clearing & Settlement and Security.

From 2011 onwards, Clear2Pay facilitated the knowledge transfer enabling ITSO to operate its own testing and certification centre in the United Kingdom:

  • Advisory services
  • Training programs
  • Installation of hardware equipment.

Clear2Pay Testing Transport


Clear2Pay is involved in the first EMV contactless public transport payment solution in Africa. We developed the functional test solutions for the public transport specific EMV contactless cards and payment terminals. These test solutions are used today in the certification laboratory in Cape Town, enabling banks and third party vendors to locally qualify their cards and devices. This way we support the strategic objectives of facilitating Automated Fare Collection (AFC) via bank issued contactless payment cards.

More information in the press release.
Clear2Pay won a “Contactless Monkey” Award for this prestigious project.



"ITSO and its supplier community have been very well served by Clear2Pay."