ATM Test Solutions


• ATM network operators: banks, independent service operators (ISOs)
• ATM vendors
• Switch vendors

Key features:

The ATM still is the main point of interaction between a bank and its customers. Not only do customers rely on this channel to access their accounts, banks themselves utilise it as an important way to communicate new services and initiatives with their customers. For the ATM channel to be a success, it must provide uninterrupted service with little or no downtime and also allow easy, frequent and cost-effective integration of new application features.

Clear2Pay’s ATM test solutions enable thorough testing of ATM networks, providing a proven return on investment.

Clear2Pay's ATM Developer solution provides easy-to-use editing of both screen content and logical transaction flow, giving ATM deployers the ability to change configuration files quickly in response to business needs.

Your key benefits:

• Save time: reduce test times from weeks to days, from days to hours
Smoothen your ATM Windows XP migration
• Ensure minimal downtime and the consequent negative impact on brand reputation
• Guarantee the highest quality
Faster time-to-market of new services
• Support the widest range of ATMs: most complete implementation of ATM standards
• User-friendly: interface designed to be used by business users
• Improve cost-efficiencyremove the need for expensive ATM hardware
• Facilitate remote collaboration, outsourcing, offshoring and sharing of test artefacts
• ATM test environment is always available: simulate your ATMs
• Field-proven technology: most Tier 1 banks (using ATM test solutions) use Clear2Pay test tools